Parent & Baby Fitness

Parent & Baby classes

Whether you are new to training, or returning having had your baby, we offer a range of exercises and circuit-based classes to suit your fitness, strength and weight loss goals.

We work to ensure all our classes are safe and lots of fun!


You can bring your babies along too!

  • Parent & Baby Kettlebells
  • Parent & Baby H.I.I.T
  • Parent & Baby Spin


What's the difference 

Our high energy, friendly, positive classes focus on different exercises and work in small groups to help each other. 


Can I bring my baby/child along?

Absolutely! We ask that babies in buggy's are safely strapped in and older children are welcome providing they are able to sit quietly throughout the class.


You can find more information on each of the classes on the Class Fitness Programme

"I had my second baby in February and had gained 16kg. In April, I came to parent and baby spin with Kellie. I was so nervous about my baby screaming, needing feeding, changing etc. I soon realised we were all in the same boat and was reassured “anything goes.” It felt so good to train again and after the class I went straight to reception and reactivated my membership.

After that I did all the parent baby classes at some point and they really were my gateway to regaining my health and fitness. Since then I’ve enjoyed trying your wide range of classes and can feel myself getting fitter."

Park Fitness Member