The Toddler Cloud

Bring your Toddlers imagination to life by immersing them in a unique, projected story book using amazing props and special effects.

*Grow confidence

*Support independence

*Build on key EYFS milestones

The Toddler Cloud uses interactive stories to bring books to life where your little one is at the centre of our journey! We exercise their imaginations with materials such as 5 foot balloons, build dens together to create fun environments, use glowing props to bring parachute activities to life and dance like no one is watching!

Communication is key to building vocabulary, introducing colours, shapes and letters, building memory skills and develop important listening skills whilst having fun…and The Toddler Cloud has got it covered!


Toddlers 1 year – 2 years old | The Toddler Cloud

Sessions on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays | 6 week terms  (approx. price £ 50)

Although session activities are the same for all age groups, the Creative Practitioner carefully adapts to the younger Toddler audience to focus on building their EYFS milestones. Through researched activities we share why we are using certain props or have planned specific activities and how these will benefit areas such as cognitive development, strengthen their fine and gross motor skill development whilst having fun socialising in a safe, clean environment.

The sessions also give you ideas and activities to help recreate stories, bringing early literacy to life at home too.




Pre-schoolers 2 years – 4 years old | The Toddler Cloud

Sessions on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays | 6 week terms  (approx. price £ 50)

As with our younger sessions we continue to build on their preschool milestones adding focus to their speech and language development, through singing, dancing and music making to name a few.  Through the excitement of the activities based on the week’s theme, the projected story we bring to life at the end enhances imagination, creativity, memory, and curiosity - all skills that will support them on their journey in to school. The props are brilliant fun, and the light shows are next level AMAZING!

At the end of all our sessions we use yoga inspired & calming glitter bottles to regain and refocus their busy minds, using a moment of calm to practice mindfulness at a young age.



Customer Feedback

NikkiI took my little boy to the class, he is 2 years old and he loved it! His favourite was the bubbles and balloons, the bigger the better! We had so much fun and spent the session smiling.  Thank you Toddler Cloud we can’t wait for our next session!'



Laura - “We loved all the activities linked to the story.  Great to bring it alive and make more memories with story time.  Harry absolutely loved the glittery sensory bottles.  A perfect way to calm at the end of the session”





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