In accordance with government guidelines, the following areas of the park are open to members only:
  • Road Circuit
  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • Outdoor Trim Trail
  • Play Park and CycloLand
During lockdown, members can bring other people from their household with them to access the park.


Over 45 fitness classes are now available via ZOOM, for all ParkFitness and ParkJunior Members.

Your favourite classes with your favourite instructors available today from the comfort of your own home.


Watch this space for all updates!

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The Cyclopark Team



We are following guidelines from the following governing bodies:

British Cycling Updated Coronavirus/Covid-19 Guidance

COVID-19 Coronavirus | ukactive

Guidance also taken from UK Active who have developed a framework for re-opening of the leisure industry during social distancing.  


Also, guidance from British Cycling:  

COVID-19: cleaning in non-healthcare settings




People at Risk

Control Measures

Risk of contracting Covid-19


-        Through personal exposure.


-        Through contact with contaminated surfaces







·       Detailed corporate ‘Communicable Diseases’ Risk Assessment in place outlining all core Covid -19 actions and guidance that the site is following as applicable in the following areas:


o   Dealing with members of the public who have Covid-19

o   Dealing with members of staff who have Covid-19

o   Dealing with members of public or staff who become ill with suspected Covid-19 whilst in the workplace

o   Contaminated work surfaces that both members of the public, staff and contractors may come into contact with

o   Safety procedures to be followed to safeguard against asymptomatic members of the public and staff

o   Safety of equipment

o   Application of first aid – additional safety measures

o   The physiological wellbeing of staff

o   Contractor safety

o   Additional cleaning and hygiene measures

o   Ongoing core maintenance and safety of equipment, plant and machinery


Procedures under constant review in accordance with all Cyclopark guidance issued and as this is updated

Risk of contracting Covid-19


-        Through personal exposure

                Site specific measures.





·       Bookings and membership applications to be made from the website and on-line booking portal.

·       Payments to be made by contactless card payment, no cash payments.

·       Members access site main pavilion, barriers in place and staff to advise and direct.

·       All users to maintain at least a 2m distance at all times. Markers in main building

20m markers in place for those using the track and trails for running and cycling.

·       First Aid bag with relevant and additional PPE kept in courtyard info point in case of a fall.

·       PPE to be worn if rider or runner injures self. Gloves, facemask and hand sanitizer available.


Risk of contracting Covid-19


Through contact with contaminated surfaces

Site-specific measures





.       Changing rooms – close

·       Toilet cleaning frequency appropriate to the level of use and kept under review.          Use of disability toilets only. 

·       Equipment is all riders own including helmets. Can be purchased on site.

·       No staff equipment needed

·       Vending machines not in use

·       Door handles and general/communal areas cleaned frequently

·       Plentiful stocks of cleaning chemicals on site of which staff are trained to use

Unsafe environment





·       1-1 lesson only – booked in advance

·       1-1 lesson area specific RA’s in place

·       Visual inspection of area by staff throughout the day

·       Weather conditions influence activity – wet/windy conditions = slower, simpler exercises; stormy weather/poor visibility/frozen surfaces arena or abandon; wet surface

·       Senior staff present on each shift to direct or assist instructors with decisions

·       External influences – noise/photography/unfamiliar items. 

·       No Spectators allowed on site under current Covid-19 restrictions

·       First aiders present with additional training on Covid-19 precautions

Unsafe PPE




·       First aiders present

·       First Aid kits regularly checked to ensure additional Covid-19 items are plentiful and replenished if used

·       Liveries accountable for their own PPE, to be checked by the instructor

·       Following PPE guidance issued corporately

Corporate procurement taking place for additional PPE and PPE of the correct standard/rating














Risk Assessment - Re-opening

1.10 Governance and policy

·       Online meetings are held regularly with board

·       Board are involved in key decisions on reopening

·       Board are briefed regularly on latest Government guidelines, UK Active and British Cycling guidelines. Understanding these implications for Cyclopark.

1.11 Policy Review

·       All relevant policies have been revised to take account of guidance on social distancing and COVID-19 on implications to Cyclopark.

·       Staff, governors and customers have been briefed accordingly.


1.12 communication Strategy

·       Communications strategies in place for the following

o   Staff

o   Customers

o   Parents

o   Trustees

o   Local Authorities

o   British Cycling

o   Professional Associations

o   Other partners / Stakeholders


1.13 Staff Inductions and CPD

·       A revised staff handbook is issued to all staff prior to reopening

·       Induction and CPD programmes are in operation for all staff prior to reopening. Including:

o   Infection Control

o   Fire safety and evacuation procedures

o   Constructive behaviour management

o   Safeguarding

o   Risk Management

o   First Aid






Guidelines from British Cycling


Facility management


1. All activity should be consistent with Government guidance regarding health, travel, social distancing and hygiene at all times;

2. Facilities must consider safety first, particularly minimising the risk of infection/transmission. A thorough risk assessment should be undertaken, and appropriate measures put in place to ensure participants, staff and volunteers are protected;

3. Subject to future relaxation of restrictions on outdoor activity, where a facility is ‘block booked’ for use by a club or group, clear arrangements for access should be agreed in advance with the facility operator, covering all aspects in this guidance note;

4. Emergency access and access to first aid provision must be maintained – this may require access to a clubhouse / cycle hub facility or require additional equipment to be brought to site by the activity organiser;

5. Additional signage and notices at the entrance and online for riders / participants should be displayed, with instructions on the changed rules of conduct when visiting the facility and their responsibilities;

6. Hand sanitiser at key points around the entrance and key areas of the facility should be provided;

7. Consider any potential pinch points or busy areas around the facility and how this could be reduced e.g. introducing a one way flow;

8. All common touchpoint surfaces (gates, door handles, handrails etc) should be cleaned regularly, ideally wearing disposable gloves;

9. Additional waste facilities should be provided and, where possible, more frequent rubbish collection instigated;

10. Where clubhouses / hubs can be opened, any food and drink should be taken away only in disposable containers, ideally with cashless payment provisions to avoid exchange of cash;

11. Seating / changing / social areas within clubhouses should not be used and toilets only used with extreme care. Where they are open, ensure soap and water is provided;

12. If there is a COVID-19 case in the facility, the management team should follow the PHE Guidance – COVID-19 – Cleaning in non-healthcare settings, while cleaning all areas of the facility. Customer service

13. Wherever possible, app or web-based reservation and payment systems should be used to reduce length of time in reception / registration. This can be simply email / SMS messaging arrangements and will depend on the type of activity and facility – all coached / led sessions should be advance booking only to ensure maximum ratios are adhered to that facilitate social distancing;

14. Improve opportunities for cashless and non-contact payments where possible – customers should have the opportunity to pay online in advance to avoid payment / cash exchanges at the time of the activity;

15. Customer refunds should be provided in full where riders cannot attend due to suffering from coronavirus symptoms – riders should be encouraged in all cases to stay away if in any doubt;

16. Spectating should be actively discouraged. Where attendance of a parent/guardian (nonparticipant) or a carer for a disabled player is required, it should be limited to one per rider where possible, with social distancing strictly observed while watching the activity (consider marking out specific boxes/areas for this purpose);

17. Time should be allowed between activity sessions, to allow for clear access and egress and maintain separation in car parks and communal areas;

18. Riders should be asked to arrive changed and to shower at home, rather than expecting to use on-site changing facilities; Equipment

19. Riders should bring their own bikes and equipment wherever possible. Riders should be encouraged to wear appropriate safety equipment for the activity, recognising the need to minimise risk of injury;

20. Any shared equipment used during an activity should be cleaned before and after each session;

21. No sharing of drinks bottles should be allowed, with riders asked to bring their own labelled drinks;

22. Gloves are not mandatory as the World Health Organisation (WHO) advice is that it is preferable not to wear gloves but to regularly wash your hands.


Casual Activity

1. It is the responsibility of each facility operator or owner to make an assessment on whether recreational use is allowed, based on their local circumstances and Government guidance;

2. Where allowed, riders should be informed of the associated rules and regulations for casual use, including: a. Only ride on your own, with members of your household or with one other person from outside your household, whilst keeping two metres apart at all times. Gatherings of more than two people from different households are not allowed at this time; b. Keep at least 2 metres apart from other people at all times whilst riding – be respectful and allow other riders to pass at a safe distance where necessary; c. If you are showing coronavirus symptoms, or if you or any of your household are self-isolating, you should stay at home; d. Ride well within your ability – Don’t try difficult skills or ride too fast. e. Do not congregate with other people under any circumstances - at this time the only reason for being at a facility should be to ride. Once you’ve finished your loop, or if you’re waiting - make sure you take a break away from the finish and start areas, to ensure social distancing and give others a chance; f. Clean your equipment before & after riding and try not to touch anything else; g. No physical contact – No hugs, high-fives, handshakes, etc. except with people in your own household; h. Do not share any mobile devices, equipment, food or drink with others; i. Wash your hands regularly, including before leaving home and on returning home, and bring hand sanitizer with you when visiting a facility; j. Only use an outdoor cycling facility if you are actively riding and leave as soon as possible after finishing; k. Please leave plenty of space and be considerate of other riders, especially younger or less experienced riders. STAY ALERT - STAY SAFE. Remember you won’t have space to catch less confident riders, you will have to slow down, and you need to allow space to pass if necessary. Coached activity / session delivery

3. All activity should only be conducted on a 1:1 basis. Small group coaching is not permitted at present. As Government guidance changes, we will update our guidance to leaders, instructors and coaches;

4. British Cycling does not currently advocate any 1:1 coaching with riders under the age of 16;

5. Only those holding the following qualifications, or whatever is your highest qualification, are allowed to coach, lead or instruct on a 1-to-1 basis: a. Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Cycling (Discipline Specific Unit) b. Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Cycling c. Level 1 Ride Leadership Award d. Level 2 Ride Leadership Award (including Combined Award) e. Level 1 MTB Leadership Award (Site Specific) f. Level 2 MTB Leadership Award g. Level 3 MTB Leadership Award h. Level 2 Certificate in Instructing Cycle Training;

6. Social distancing measures should be respected at all times during the session;

7. Coaches should focus on safety of the session as a priority and thorough risk assessment should be completed in advance and dynamically throughout the session;

8. Restrictions and guidance will vary for all facilities and public spaces. It is expected that leaders will have permission to use a dedicated area and will complete a thorough risk assessment of the activity area;

9. Riders are participating at their own risk, and coaches, instructors, leaders will be expected to keep a record of attendance at any session along with rider consent;

10. Coaches should follow British Cycling safeguarding guidance;

11. You are able to lead multiple sessions per day, but should allow adequate time between the end of one session and the beginning of the next, to ensure appropriate safety can be maintained;

12. First aid provision is the responsibility of the coach and a formal, valid emergency first aid qualification should be held;

13. Further guidance for coaches can be found in the information published by Sport England, specifically their Q&A; Competition

14. The initial focus during this phase should be on facilitating recreational riding and letting riders spend time developing their skills;

15. Some formats of competition will be able to resume before others, but all competitive cycling activity has been cancelled up to 30 June 2020;

16. British Cycling will be providing guidelines for the resumption of competitive cycle sport activity in due course.